List of Sexual Fetishes

sexual fetishes ideal for phone sex

What turns you on is always a matter of personal preference and individual taste. For some people, it could be as simple as making out, kissing, and touching. However, for others who have far more distinctive sexual preferences, it could be more complicated than that.

There are some who are aroused by the mere sight of shoes and there are some who take pleasure from seeing their partner sitting on a table. This is referred to as “fetish”. 

A sexual fetish is characterized by an intense fixation or obsession over something that is sexually stimulating. Also referred to as erotic fetishism, it usually involves a nonliving object.

It could be described as a non-pathological aid to sexual excitement. For some, it can be regarded as a mental disorder if it exhibits serious psychosocial distress. 

discover your own pleasures
Discover your own pleasures

If you have a particular sexual fetish, you can take advantage of this fixation during phone sex. For example, if you’re sexually aroused by a certain scent or texture, make use of these to achieve climax. If you’re aroused by the mere sight of towels or women’s underwear, use these as your phone sex props.

It’s all about learning how to satisfy yourself the best way you know how and in the best way you can. Remember, each person is unique and we’re turned on by different types of stimuli. If you know what triggers your sexual desire, feel free to use it to your advantage while having phone sex.

Did you know that some people have weird sexual fetishes? Here are some examples of the more common ones that can help you gain a better understanding of the concept behind sexual fetishism. 


This is a rare sleep disorder that signals a person to look for sex while sleeping. Although it’s more common among men, a woman may also demonstrate such a condition.


Also referred to as Cuckoldry, this is characterized by sexual arousal that is triggered by watching their partner have sex with another man or woman.


Also known as Spanking Art, this fetish is characterized by individuals who enjoy or get aroused by way of spanking or getting spanked by their partner when having sex. This falls under the spectrum of BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission, sadomasochism behaviors) although it is a fetish in itself.


People who have this fetish are turned on by the sight, scent, and sensation of hair


This is intense arousal over the idea of having sex in tiny and enclosed spaces.


This fetish is characterized by sexual desire and sexual attraction with machines such as cars, bicycles, and motorcycles. 

Pedal Pumping

Also known as “Revving”, this fetish has something to do with getting aroused with a woman wearing high heels who’s pushing a gas pedal with masturbatory rhythm. 


Characterized by intense sexual attraction with adults or people who are much older


Characterized by being turned on and sexually aroused by water


“Looners” is also called “Balloon Fetish”. People who have this fetish find balloons sexually appealing and arousing. They also love to incorporate balloons in their sexual activities and love the mere sight of their lover sitting on a balloon and attempting to pop it with pumping motions.


Individuals suffering from this fetish are called “Feeders”. They take pleasure in putting large amounts of food into the mouths of their “Gainers”. 


Characterized by being aroused and turned on by the sight of shoes